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Professional Makeup and Beauty Tips by Miami Makeup Artist Lisa Lee

Thank you for visiting my Beauty Blog. Here I will share my thoughts on makeup trends, beauty, skin care, and Bridal looks and Hair styles.

Miami Makeup Artist Beauty Blog

Preserving Your Makeup In The Summer Heat Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

by Lisa Merritt-Lee on 07/08/18

Summer is here, and we are all excited. The long sunny days and warm nights bring on its magic during this time of the year, we somehow feel a little free. Sundress, sandals and swimsuits come out and at night it's time to party!  However, summer heat can wreak havoc on our makeup, melting our foundation and causing our liner and mascara to run. As a Florida native, a professional Miami Makeup Artist and License Esthetician for over 20 years, I believe I know a little bit about what heat can do to your skin and makeup. Here are some professional tips on how to seal your makeup and have it last longer by using the right products and skin care regimens.


Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliation & Hydration

Cleaning and toning your skin is a great start as a daily regime to beautiful summer skin. Exfoliating once a week for oily skin, and once every two weeks for dry skin will help the skin rejuvenate fasting and allow new skin to surface. Hydration is important for dryer skin, which will keep your skin from looking rough but soft and smooth. Oil free hydrating creams are great for oily skin, using an oil controlling moisturizer with help control the over production of oil that heat, and humidity may trigger in your skin. Always use sunscreen when playing in the sun, protecting your skin in the sun is important for all skin tones and will prevent premature aging.


Primer and Foundation

Skin discoloration and blemishes do not disappear in the summer months, but your makeup can. Using a good primer helps and does work. Using a cream formula for a concealer, high in pigmentation is the way to go. Trying using foundation only where needed, covering only the flaws. Wearing too much foundation is not a promising idea. The best foundation I think is any foundation with a Silicone base. Silicone creates a protective layer between your skin and humidity which stops your makeup from running and sweating off. Airbrush makeup is the best alternative and if used with an airbrush machine will allow you to apply the foundation light in some areas and heavier for area’s that need more coverage. Remember less is more and by applying with the technique above you won't even tell the difference.


Eyeliner, Eye Shadow’s and Mascara

Eyeliners and Mascara should only be waterproof. Yes, sure it’s can be a pain removing it later, but hey you want to look great and the benefits outweigh the effort and stops the dreaded racoon look. Liquid eyeliner works best for the top of the lash line, using a waterproof liner on the bottom or lightly smudging a powered liner on the bottom lash line works wonders. Use powder under the bottom lash line after applying the liner, this well also help seals and prevent running. Eye shadow should be a cream base and hold up better in humidity. Using gold’s, soft peach and soft bronze colors as eye shadow in the summer are pretty and they show up better in day yet will appear soft in the sun.


Lips, Blush and Powder

Lip stains and matt lip sticks are in style and almost every cosmetic line is selling one. The durability of this product goes with out saying and you can go from matt to sultry and shimmering with just a little lip gloss. Cream blush works the same way as cream shadow, airbrush blush with silicone works even better. Cut shine and seal your face with a colorless translucent power. Keep blotting paper handy for little touch ups when needed. Following these steps will get you through the sweltering summer months or anywhere the heat rules.


Setting Spray

Setting spray is a must-have when you feel like the weather may be against you, it creates a barrier on top of your makeup and allows it to stay on longer and prevent running. While Setting spray may be a bit pricey, its worth every penny.

Photo Credits

Photographer Amaris Granado 

Model: Britney  Elite Models Miami

Hair & Makeup Lisa Lee of Alluring Faces

Best Makeup Tips for Women over 40

by Lisa Merritt-Lee on 07/04/18

As a women begins to move into the prime of her life, her life changes in many ways.  Her job is more secure or she may even be nearing retirement. Home life has changed as your nest becomes empty, now you realize you need to focus more or yourself, and the mirror is mostly where you start.  As women become older, you may notice that your makeup style or the foundation you have been using might need a change. I may have stopped helping your skin or even making you look older. I am sure you may be thinking your makeup style and foundation needs revamping. By choosing the right foundation and using the right makeup techniques you will revamp your look. You will see the difference in the mirror and the compliments you receive from family and friends. Let's go over some fail-proof tips and techniques that will help you for years to come.

Taking Care of your skin

The first step needed with when applying makeup is a good canvas. Taking care of your skin is important for women 40 and over. According to the American Academy Of Dermatology "wrinkle creams, eye serum, and other anti-aging skin care products will help reduce signs of aging." Getting plenty of sleep, limiting sun exposure staying hydrated and eating well is also an effective way to stop premature or slow down aging.

Extra help never hurts.

Having a deep facial cleaning once every month at home or in a spa is a great way to keep your skin smooth and glowing. Facial fillers are a great way to add volume and correct frown lines when done correctly, it can push the clock back years. Botox can also help relax frown lines and does wonders allowing your face muscles to rest. Do your research, hire the best professional when it comes to facial injections, I have heard about and seen some unflattering result, this is a matter not to bargain shop. However, you can get some great deals by joining the mailing list from some high-end Medi-Spa and Doctors who specialize in fillers and Botox.

Take care of the eyes

They say our eyes are windows to the soul. Keeping dark circles at bay, by applying a cream for the problem will help. You can even boost the effect by mixing a little facial bleaching cream with your eye cream like I do (not every day) which helps. Apply a con before you apply foundation, this will give an extra layer of coverage while you are treating the problem.

Makeup Foundations

Selecting the right foundation is the second important step to having gorgeous makeup. The foundation you chose will be just that, the foundation on which you will build your look. Buying cheap foundation is not the same as buying a cheap lip gloss. A good quality foundation is a good investment and will be money well-spent. Today, there are many high-end makeup brands that have developed foundations for mature skin. These makeup foundations are full of natural ingredients to help nurture your skin, reduce fine lines and hide uneven skin tones. Some makeup brands even include vitamins and other nutrients that will improve your skin while wearing it. As a women ages, matte foundations should be applied lightly on dry skin and is the perfect foundation for oily skin, however applying too much can make your skin look dry and any lines or wrinkles look worst. Tinted foundations or liquid foundations are the best alternatives, and as I mentioned before many have added ingredients to help protect your skin.

Hot Flashes and Face Makeup

For those experiencing hot flashes, the best defense is to use everything waterproof! Waterproof foundation, mascara, eyeliner and a lip stain. Wait for at least 10 minutes after applying your moisturizer which will allow your skin to absorb the product. Airbrush makeup with a water or silicone base is also a great choice.

Final Touches

Once you have a foundation for your skin, now the fun and creativity begin! When using the right foundation, sometimes all you will need on a light makeup day is little liner on the top lash, mascara and a little blush and you are out the door! Curl those lashes, and limit dark liner under the eyes. Eyebrows should look natural and not too dramatic, never use black to color in your brows, this will make your face look hard and too done. Add a little blush on your checks and highlights on upper cheeks and brow bone. My two favorite go-to makeup looks for my 40 plus clients are

1. A soft smoky eye, lashes (I use dark brown shadow not black), lashes, bronze cheeks, highlights and a soft natural nude or peach lip.

2. A natural matt gold tone eyeshadow, eyelashes, eyeliner on the top lid only with a sharp defined winged end, soft rose blush and red or dark lipstick.

Both looks are absolute winners and can be worn with just about anything.

The Exaggerated Use of Face Highlights and Contouring, Do You Really Need It?

by Lisa Merritt-Lee on 06/22/18

Highlighting and contouring originated from male to female drag queens to use makeup artistry as a way to soften their jawlines and conceal their facial hair and brow ridge. This style of makeup was known to be heavy on the highlight and contour and very expressive. However, to non-professionals, the art of contouring and highlighting can seem like a daunting task as there can be confusion in the correct way to apply it.

Highlighting and contouring is a corrective technique, used to create the ideal face shape, meaning it isn't the same for every person. For women, while highlighting and contouring there's a fine line between enhancing your best features and painting on an entirely new face. Women already have soft and feminine features. When applying makeup, the overuse of products can otherwise completely exaggerate and create unflattering features.

Here's the thing, the makeup industry has made a killing off of the "beat face" trend and made the over usage of highlighting and contouring the new norm. The goal now is to give yourself features you don't actually possess: Brighter, bigger eyes. A narrower, daintier nose. Using 20 products to achieve a "natural" look or more. The tips, tricks, and techniques have come from beauty guru's and YouTubers, not professional makeup artists.

This isn't the case if you know how to do makeup properly. You'd find that by following techniques other than that of a professional you may end up incorporating unnecessary steps just to look "natural."

While professional makeup artists take similar steps using highlighting and contouring flawlessly to enhance- not hide your beautiful features, they understand that successful highlighting and contouring is to use as little product as possible so the end result is believably natural, to blend it in well and to add more color gradually.

Good makeup is makeup that looks good in person and in photos, and that accentuates features instead of hiding everything. There's an art to this. Heavy foundation, then heavy concealing, followed by heavy cream highlight/contour can look great at night, on stage, or on camera, but in person, it is quite extreme. Heavy makeup instead just draws attention to large pores, pimples, and other and other facial flaws.

A light natural highlight and contour for the average woman on a daily basis is a gorgeous thing to learn and practice. Some important tips to know before incorporating highlighting and contouring into your makeup application is that:

• Less is more

• Contouring is subtly defining one's features and for it to appear flawless, it should be barely noticeable.

• Mixing concealer with foundation can create a more seamless and natural highlight

• Practice makes perfect facial flaws.

Makeup tips from Professional Miami Makeup Artist Lisa Lee.

How to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

by Lisa Merritt-Lee on 06/22/18

Hiring a makeup artist to come on location for weddings or special events has become the latest addition to wedding services.

Most women have a trusted stylist they see on a regular basis. On occasion when styling is only needed and their regular stylist is unavailable, they will usually let someone else style their hair. As for makeup it is a different story. Most women who are not public figures or celebrities do not have a personal professional makeup artist in their rolodex. When a special occasion arises, most do not have a clue on where to find one or even the process in hiring one. They began to ask around or search the internet, or find themselves at a cosmetic counter where they may leave with products they did not want in the first place. In the beauty industry, new makeup artists emerge everyday. Some work at cosmetic counters, some sell for cosmetic lines and others who work in Fashion and Entertainment. Then you have the more extreme artist that work in Special effects, creating monsters and transforming stars into some our most hated Villains and loveable characters. Oh I forgot the artist who did nice makeup on their sister for prom who now is a makeup artist.

There is a major difference in finding someone to do your makeup, and booking a professional makeup artist. Most professional makeup artist have gone to school and most are licensed esthetician or facial specialist. Some makeup artist started from the ground up working for years with hands on training servicing the public. Brides and private events are not their only clients. They make a living without any side jobs working in areas of production, film, television, print and runway. They understand skin types and facial bone structure. They know the proper sanitation and sterilization for their tools, how to prevent contamination of there products, and how not to transfer germs from one client to another. They understand the importance of facial contouring and shading which is used to change eye shapes, correct noses, create cheeks bones etc... They understand skin tones and usage of the right color pigmentation that will match your complexion on the spot, without error, no matter how light or dark your skin may be.

When a professional makeup artist arrives, their main concern will not be to sell you products. If they sell a product that you want to buy, then that is just business and your happy. However, the goal will be to give you a perfect even complexion while enhancing your best features and hiding imperfection. Remember, shopping for a makeup artist with the cheapest price is not a good idea. Good quality makeup and talent cost. The cheaper the price, the cheaper the products and skill quality, you will get what you pay for. Your search should be base on the best artist with the best work that can do the job, even if you have to save for it. A good photo is timeless, look at the makeup in old photo's of Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayward, Elizabeth Taylor timeless or what? Do your home work and hire smart. Check credentials; ask if they carry a professional license to perform the services you will need. A licensed hair stylist will either be a full cosmetologist, or carry some sort of license to touch your hair. Hiring a licensed professional protects you, and secures you that the person you're hiring has the proper training and skills. Would you hire an unlicensed plastic surgeon? No, you check credentials, years of experiences and you want to see a lot of work they have done in the past.

Check the States Department of Business and Professional regulations to search the license number or name of the person you're hiring. 
In the State of Florida it is Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

Make them back up the years of experience they are claiming and charging you for. Ask questions; ask to see their work and more work. Trials for hair styling are essential and should be for both client and artist to collaborate. Trials for makeup should be your choice to do and not a suggestion from the artist. A professional artist does not need a trial to do beauty makeup. In production we can not do trials, we are presented with ideas and it is our job as the artist to produce. Do not get caught up in advertisement words, the proof is in the WORK! A makeup artist who has had been in the industry for years, licensed or not, will have a portfolio and a website filled with there actual work (not bought stock photo's). When a makeup artist is consider for a job any where else in this profession, without the proper creativity, skills, license, resume and images to show, they will not be hired.

Lisa Merritt Lee owner of Alluring Faces in Miami Florida is a professional makeup artist, hair stylist and photographer. Lisa is a seventeen year veteran in the beauty industry currently working in the south florida area. View her work or ask her a question at