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Professional Makeup and Beauty Tips by Miami Makeup Artist Lisa Lee

Thank you for visiting my Beauty Blog. Here I will share my thoughts on makeup trends, beauty, skin care, and Bridal looks and Hair styles.

Best Makeup Tips for Women over 40

by Lisa Merritt-Lee on 07/04/18

As a women begins to move into the prime of her life, her life changes in many ways.  Her job is more secure or she may even be nearing retirement. Home life has changed as your nest becomes empty, now you realize you need to focus more or yourself, and the mirror is mostly where you start.  As women become older, you may notice that your makeup style or the foundation you have been using might need a change. I may have stopped helping your skin or even making you look older. I am sure you may be thinking your makeup style and foundation needs revamping. By choosing the right foundation and using the right makeup techniques you will revamp your look. You will see the difference in the mirror and the compliments you receive from family and friends. Let's go over some fail-proof tips and techniques that will help you for years to come.

Taking Care of your skin

The first step needed with when applying makeup is a good canvas. Taking care of your skin is important for women 40 and over. According to the American Academy Of Dermatology "wrinkle creams, eye serum, and other anti-aging skin care products will help reduce signs of aging." Getting plenty of sleep, limiting sun exposure staying hydrated and eating well is also an effective way to stop premature or slow down aging.

Extra help never hurts.

Having a deep facial cleaning once every month at home or in a spa is a great way to keep your skin smooth and glowing. Facial fillers are a great way to add volume and correct frown lines when done correctly, it can push the clock back years. Botox can also help relax frown lines and does wonders allowing your face muscles to rest. Do your research, hire the best professional when it comes to facial injections, I have heard about and seen some unflattering result, this is a matter not to bargain shop. However, you can get some great deals by joining the mailing list from some high-end Medi-Spa and Doctors who specialize in fillers and Botox.

Take care of the eyes

They say our eyes are windows to the soul. Keeping dark circles at bay, by applying a cream for the problem will help. You can even boost the effect by mixing a little facial bleaching cream with your eye cream like I do (not every day) which helps. Apply a con before you apply foundation, this will give an extra layer of coverage while you are treating the problem.

Makeup Foundations

Selecting the right foundation is the second important step to having gorgeous makeup. The foundation you chose will be just that, the foundation on which you will build your look. Buying cheap foundation is not the same as buying a cheap lip gloss. A good quality foundation is a good investment and will be money well-spent. Today, there are many high-end makeup brands that have developed foundations for mature skin. These makeup foundations are full of natural ingredients to help nurture your skin, reduce fine lines and hide uneven skin tones. Some makeup brands even include vitamins and other nutrients that will improve your skin while wearing it. As a women ages, matte foundations should be applied lightly on dry skin and is the perfect foundation for oily skin, however applying too much can make your skin look dry and any lines or wrinkles look worst. Tinted foundations or liquid foundations are the best alternatives, and as I mentioned before many have added ingredients to help protect your skin.

Hot Flashes and Face Makeup

For those experiencing hot flashes, the best defense is to use everything waterproof! Waterproof foundation, mascara, eyeliner and a lip stain. Wait for at least 10 minutes after applying your moisturizer which will allow your skin to absorb the product. Airbrush makeup with a water or silicone base is also a great choice.

Final Touches

Once you have a foundation for your skin, now the fun and creativity begin! When using the right foundation, sometimes all you will need on a light makeup day is little liner on the top lash, mascara and a little blush and you are out the door! Curl those lashes, and limit dark liner under the eyes. Eyebrows should look natural and not too dramatic, never use black to color in your brows, this will make your face look hard and too done. Add a little blush on your checks and highlights on upper cheeks and brow bone. My two favorite go-to makeup looks for my 40 plus clients are

1. A soft smoky eye, lashes (I use dark brown shadow not black), lashes, bronze cheeks, highlights and a soft natural nude or peach lip.

2. A natural matt gold tone eyeshadow, eyelashes, eyeliner on the top lid only with a sharp defined winged end, soft rose blush and red or dark lipstick.

Both looks are absolute winners and can be worn with just about anything.