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Professional Makeup and Beauty Tips by Miami Makeup Artist Lisa Lee

Thank you for visiting my Beauty Blog. Here I will share my thoughts on makeup trends, beauty, skin care, and Bridal looks and Hair styles.

Preserving Your Makeup In The Summer Heat Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

by Lisa Merritt-Lee on 07/08/18

Summer is here, and we are all excited. The long sunny days and warm nights bring on its magic during this time of the year, we somehow feel a little free. Sundress, sandals and swimsuits come out and at night it's time to party!  However, summer heat can wreak havoc on our makeup, melting our foundation and causing our liner and mascara to run. As a Florida native, a professional Miami Makeup Artist and License Esthetician for over 20 years, I believe I know a little bit about what heat can do to your skin and makeup. Here are some professional tips on how to seal your makeup and have it last longer by using the right products and skin care regimens.


Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliation & Hydration

Cleaning and toning your skin is a great start as a daily regime to beautiful summer skin. Exfoliating once a week for oily skin, and once every two weeks for dry skin will help the skin rejuvenate fasting and allow new skin to surface. Hydration is important for dryer skin, which will keep your skin from looking rough but soft and smooth. Oil free hydrating creams are great for oily skin, using an oil controlling moisturizer with help control the over production of oil that heat, and humidity may trigger in your skin. Always use sunscreen when playing in the sun, protecting your skin in the sun is important for all skin tones and will prevent premature aging.


Primer and Foundation

Skin discoloration and blemishes do not disappear in the summer months, but your makeup can. Using a good primer helps and does work. Using a cream formula for a concealer, high in pigmentation is the way to go. Trying using foundation only where needed, covering only the flaws. Wearing too much foundation is not a promising idea. The best foundation I think is any foundation with a Silicone base. Silicone creates a protective layer between your skin and humidity which stops your makeup from running and sweating off. Airbrush makeup is the best alternative and if used with an airbrush machine will allow you to apply the foundation light in some areas and heavier for area’s that need more coverage. Remember less is more and by applying with the technique above you won't even tell the difference.


Eyeliner, Eye Shadow’s and Mascara

Eyeliners and Mascara should only be waterproof. Yes, sure it’s can be a pain removing it later, but hey you want to look great and the benefits outweigh the effort and stops the dreaded racoon look. Liquid eyeliner works best for the top of the lash line, using a waterproof liner on the bottom or lightly smudging a powered liner on the bottom lash line works wonders. Use powder under the bottom lash line after applying the liner, this well also help seals and prevent running. Eye shadow should be a cream base and hold up better in humidity. Using gold’s, soft peach and soft bronze colors as eye shadow in the summer are pretty and they show up better in day yet will appear soft in the sun.


Lips, Blush and Powder

Lip stains and matt lip sticks are in style and almost every cosmetic line is selling one. The durability of this product goes with out saying and you can go from matt to sultry and shimmering with just a little lip gloss. Cream blush works the same way as cream shadow, airbrush blush with silicone works even better. Cut shine and seal your face with a colorless translucent power. Keep blotting paper handy for little touch ups when needed. Following these steps will get you through the sweltering summer months or anywhere the heat rules.


Setting Spray

Setting spray is a must-have when you feel like the weather may be against you, it creates a barrier on top of your makeup and allows it to stay on longer and prevent running. While Setting spray may be a bit pricey, its worth every penny.

Photo Credits

Photographer Amaris Granado 

Model: Britney  Elite Models Miami

Hair & Makeup Lisa Lee of Alluring Faces