Powerful hydrating moisture with glowing shimmer effect, makes your makeup transfer proof for up the 16 hours. Look fascinating and softly glow all day long!  With waterproof, anti-shine  properties, your makeup will last longer and will set with a dewy matte soft shimmer finish. Great for mature skin, will give your skin a supple and fresh youthful glow.  Minimize pores and refresh your skin while transporting moisture.  

How do I use it: After makeup is completed, apply Finish Glow Setting Spray all over the face, then watch the magic happen.


* A high-performing setting spray

* Shimmering effect
* Sweat proof improves the wear up to 16 hours
* Provides a weightless, comfortable feel that is never sticky or greasy
* Perfect for all skin types

* Give mature or dry skin a youthful glow
* Vegan, cruelty-free & dermatologist-tested

Alluring Faces Finish Glow Illuminating Setting Spray with Shimmer

Rose Gold Shimmer: Rose Gold Setting Spray