A burst of supple shimmer you can use anywhere on your body. Alluriminating  Shimmer Body Powder  is a glittering pom-pom that  is pre-packed with superfine 3D shimmer.  Dab and let the glowing begin. Plush and ultra soft, perfect for everyday, or for special moments when you really need to glow.  Smooth, hyper-reflective shimmer where every you want. Treat your body with shimmer love from head to toe in a superfine shimmery veil: The single rose gold shade coats the skin in the perfect prismatic pink designed to light up all skin tones.  Softly scented with irresistible vanilla fragrance that will tantalize your senses. 


Makeup Artist tip: Apply your favorite lotion or body oil first, then firmly massage the puff ball on the bottom to loosen and release the shimmer then dab it on your skin. The more you massage, the more it will release. Have fun with it, and Allurminate your world. We are a cruelty free brand, no animal testing.


  1. Shimmer body powder
  2. Soft Furry Ball Applicator
  3. Shimmer ball
  4. Used with your favorite lotions.


 Instructions: First best effect, apply lotion or oil to area before use. Release shimmer by massaging the bottom of puff, then tap shimmer ball to hydrated area  (shimmer is inside of puff). Enjoy!

Alluring Faces Shimmer Body Powder Puff